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Kraken of the Sea
Current Residence: In the sea off Summers~
Favourite photographer: That... guy... with the pickles
Shell of choice: I may be a sea creature, but I don't have a shell!
Personal Quote: "The Kraken used a Crashing Boom Bang attack!"
  • Listening to: My theme song :D
  • Playing: EarthBound <3
  • Eating: Fishies and sea creatures and all that
(( Hi, Electrosa here! I'm SO sorry that I haven't been active! If you look at my main account, you might notice I've been neglecting that too... I've had my internet usage rather 'cut' lately, so I can only get on in bursts. I'm doing my best to catch up, but that's the reason why some of my replies have been so catastrophically late. Please accept my most humble apologies! Once I'm past this, it won't happen again, I promise <3 ))

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Mother2-Mr-Saturn Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011
*the little Mr.Saturn waddled on to the docks of summers every one was looking at the little creature like it was an alien. though he couldn't get one thing off his mind...How hot it was here a little to hot for his likings. he plopped down with a small snort on the docks looking at the indigo water. He wanted to jump in but it looked scary. The ocean was different then The pond in saturn valley or Grapfruit falls it was deep.But the little Mr.Saturn mustered all of his courage and jumped in and started floating around. The water was cool but the current where he jumped in was weirdly strong and swept him about ten feet away from the docksand stuck he tries to move his little feet to get closer to shore but failed his feet were just too stubby. he sat there far way from shore floating but tried to call out*

HeLp mR.sAtUrN PleAsE DING!!!

((that is long hehe XD))
Mother2-Kraken Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
(( Oh gosh, what a post! XD ))

It was an ordinary day in Summers. Annoyingly ordinary in fact. An ordinary number of people on the beach, ordinary goings-on, ordinary everything... the Kraken was bored out of his scales. He was so bored that he was making random stabs at everything that came by, occasionally catching a fish in his cavernous mouth. Eventually he decided that the beach just wasn't worth it and moved out to sea a little (of course, little by his measures - he'd actually moved a good two hundred metres).

That was when he heard the voice.

An odd voice it was, squeaky and almost in a different language. But he recognised the words nontheless. A cry for help... he maneuvred himself below the thing - it was small - and listened for a moment. He could feel it flailing. Obviously whatever it was couldn't swim.

Any other day, he would have let it drown and probably would've eaten it. But he was so desperately bored today that any excuse would do. He surfaced slowly, catching the thing on his back, and moving his head around to face it.

"What'sss up, little thing?"
Mother2-Mr-Saturn Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
((I Know I wuz Bored and I wanted an RP XD))

*as The Mr.Saturn Looked at the large thing that saved it shivered*

DING!! T-ThAnKs BuT YoUr NoT GoInG tO EaT mR.sAtuRn.. CaUsE mR.sAturN doN't TasTe GoOd. I ThInK...DaKoTa
motheroc-ivan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
Ah, the Beach. Warm waters, a pleasant breeze, and mile upon miles of sunlight, umbrellas, and people is swim attire...

...all but one, that is.

Ivan didn't know WHY he decided to go to the beach of all places to begin gathering any interesting gossips or tales, but instinct told him that he was sure to hear at least one person complain about some sort of unusual occurrence. He didn't like the crowds, or the sunlight beating down on him as he lazily trudged across the sizzling sand, but it was better than having to deal with the hazards of the night's streetlights.

"Geez, I hope I can get over this fast. The temperature here is so overbearing..."

He stopped. Maybe a quick dip in the waters wouldn't be bad, even though the most he could do is wet his feet. Ahh, how he hated wearing this sweater sometimes...

Without much more to say, he dashes over to an area of the beach that isn't do littered with people, and quickly removes his sneakers, along with his socks. Then, after rolling his pants up a bit so that he wouldn't get them wet, causally dips them in, as if nothing could possibly ruin this..

(( phew, so long! but hellloooo :> ))

Mother2-Kraken Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
(( Greetings! I do love a long entry, yes yes <3 ))

It was a particularly hot day in Summers - it was the beginning of spring, after all, and the country pretty much only had two seasons: summer, and slightly-less-summer. As such, any beachgoers were lathered in sunscreen and either enjoying the water or taking shelter under their umbrellas. The heat seemed to be affecting everyone, including Summers' local "tourist attraction" - albeit for a different reason.

The Kraken was currently curled up on the seafloor a mile or two offshore, basking (as any serpent would) in the sunlight filtering down through the rippling surface. He had a smile on his face, and had he eyes, they would have been shut in content. He absolutely
loved the warmer months in Summers - food was plentiful, everyone went to the beach every day, and he could slack off whenever he pleased! Being king of his sea certainly had perks.

He shook himself awake and decided it was time to camp near the beach and listen to people; they said some weird things sometimes! So, staying on the seafloor so as to avoid notice, Kraken glided through the water, resting in the shadow under his favourite pier.
motheroc-ivan Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
(( Oh, good, good! It's so odd, ever since I started out as Ivan, I've been writing up such long entries! it's so silly, but true. and I think I'm failing at typing this one, though :c tehehe, bad me! ))

Ahhhh, now there's something Ivan could enjoy. For that moment, he could actually understand why these people liked the beach so much, as his feet were cooled by the crisp sea water. He still wished that he could take the dumb sweater off, since he knew that it was contributing to this unbearable heat. But, he decided, half halfheartedly, that he would have to deal with it.

Well, at least he should try and go a bit deeper.

He bends over to roll his pants up a bit higher, despite the fact that it made him seem a bit ridiculous now. Straightening himself up once more, he takes a few more steps in, jumping a little as the water nipped at his legs. He eventually adjusted to the waters, though, his expression changing from one of discomfort to a much more relaxed state.
Mother2-Kraken Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
(( I get that feeling sometimes! When I first started with the Masked Man, his posts were always short... but I think I'm getting over it. c: ))

The shadow cast by the pier created a soothing pool of shadow for Kraken to rest in. He settled down once more, content just to listen to the comings and goings. He heard snippets of conversations... money, love, food, houses... the usual. But of course there was always the occasional weird chat, and it was these he listened for. Human life was... odd! He was distracted for a moment when he felt a splash by his tail. Kraken turned around and discovered that a child had divebombed off the pier... and had managed to jump in next to his tail. Kraken burst out laughing when the child saw him and flailed back to the surface, screaming. Oh, that was the best!

But then he heard something even weirder - or rather, didn't hear. He felt... something moving into the water a few metres from his hiding spot, and whatever it was, it must have been much lighter than the other humans, because it didn't make as many vibrations. He listened intently, curious about this light-footed thing. He decided to find out a bit more, so he idly blew some sand over towards it.
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MotherOC-Victor Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
A kraken...Vic was now scared.

"....." He didn't say anything, just observed.
Mother2-Kraken Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Kraken was having a lazy day today - he was stretched out to his fullest (which was a fair amount), enjoying the sun on his scales. His tail was twitching idly, and if he had eyes, they would have been shut. Instead, he'd turned off his "radar" - he wasn't listening nor was he particularly focused on any of the scents around him - as such, he didn't notice Victor standing right there.
MotherOC-Victor Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
"....fascinating." Victor mutters. It was rare to see such a magnificently rare beast...
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